I do not have many friends, partly because I am such a shy and quiet person, and partly because I have moved around in the globe so often - it's really hard to keep all those friends that you have made. Most of my friends here are friends of my boyfriend Dani's. As a result, the friendship that my penpals offer me is as important as the friendship that any real friends can offer. It might look like I have a very long list of penpals. Maybe I do. But I am sure each of them can testify that the emails I write to them have substance. And of course, I do not write to all of them daily. I do have a life of my own other than writing emails.

Alain is from Longueuil, Quebec, not very far from where I live. He is one of my very first pen pals. When he first wrote to me, he was only 16 years old. He is a big fan of professional wrestling and he also loves Hong Kong movies and Cantonese pop music. Despite his young age, Alain is a responsible and reliable person.
Arvind is a theoretical physicist currently residing in Massachusettes, U.S.A. He's originally from India. He is a very intellectual person, and he loves movies. Even though he claims that he is a very shy person, he seems to have a lot of friends, and he enjoys hanging out with them.
Chris is American. He is probably my most sports-minded and athletic pen pal. He loves windsurfing and running. He calls himself a Christian mystic because, while he believes in the historic Jesus, he strongly disagrees with the doctrines presented by Fundamentalist Christianity and 'Churchianity'.
Serene is my only female pen pal (and she is straight). She is from Singapore. She is an extremely independent-minded, active, and positive person, and she has a passion for traveling. She has such an enviable zeal for life. I wish I was more like her
Joshua lives with his boyfriend Garrin in San Francisco. (Garrin is the shorter one with a goatee.) He is a photographer. I think Joshua is someone who really knows how to live and enjoy life. When Joshua started writing to me, I never expected our friendship would last so long, mostly because he's traveling so much and his lifestyle is so different than mine. But I was so wrong. Joshua is an extremely reliable, trustworthy, and thoughtful person. By the way, he has a huge collection of speedos and erotic apparel.
Louis is a fellow Montrealer and he is a professor at a local college. He is a very intelligent and funny man but he is quite a loner. He thinks he is a sissy but he is in fact more straight-acting and straight-looking than most of my straight friends.
Patrice lives in Paris with his boyfriend. His passion is travelling. He is a very sensitive and warm person. He has visited Quebec before but we have still not got a chance to meet. When Dani and I go to Paris one day, Patrice has promised me that he will be our host and tour guide. I really look forward to meeting him in person.
Philip is an American boy living in New England. It took me quite a while to get to know him because he appeared to be a very blunt and even cold person at first. However, when you get to know him better, you will discover that he is in fact an extremely sensitive and caring person. He is not the kind of person who would easily make friends with people, so I feel privileged to have become his good penpal.
Aaron has served in the U.S. military but is now a civilian. He lives in Washington D.C. He is a very religious person, and he does not consider himself gay (anymore).
Jaelson is an English teacher from Brazil. He gives me the impression that he is a happy person. He has a boyfriend called Iris who is in the Brazilian military and has a daughter!
Scott works in the insurance business. He claims his profession is not as boring as it seems. He lives in Atlanta, U.S.A. He has a passion for ethnic cultures and ethnic food!
Ale lives in Rome. He is a calm, cultured, honest, and reliable person. He has a boyfriend called Ste. They went to the same school without knowing that they were gay. Years after, they met again, discovering the " truth " about each other, and became boyfriends. Wonderful story, isn't it?
Andri is an architecture student from Indonesia. He is a devout Catholic and he adores his Godfather who is a missionary from France.
Steve is from Madison, Wisconsin, USA. He is a really nice guy. The most special thing about Steve is that he is extremely knowledgeable with the Oscars. He has given me a lot of movie tips.
Finally a pen pal from the British Isles! Gary lives with his boyfriend Steve in a quiet village near Bristol. He's an insurance underwriter. (I didn't have a clue what that meant. He had to explain to me very patiently.) His relationship with Steve is really enviable, so is his relationship with his parents and his "in-laws". If there are more families like his, the world will definitely be a better place.
Rudy is a senior high school student from New Dehli. He calls himself "crazy" as the things he likes are so different than a lot of boys of his age in India. He likes dyeing his hair to various crazy colors, wearing colored contact lenses, and outrageous-looking clothes. He loves to read. He has a special liking for Oriental-looking guys.